Parents - School Board

The purpose of the School Board is to provide the school’s staff, parents, and community with opportunities to work together to formulate the school’s educational objectives and priorities (goals) through the school planning process.

The board establishes a vision for the school that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. The board can have an important influence on the direction of the school, with members bringing ideas and lending their expertise to strategic planning and community partnerships. Professional skills in areas such as management, finance, procurement, marketing and cultural knowledge support the principal and strengthen the school’s capacity to meet the needs of its students.

The Board has a range of other functions, including development of policies and promotion.

The membership consists of: the principal, four teacher representatives, seven parent representatives and a member of the wider community. The term of membership is for three years from February, with elections for parent representatives being conducted by the principal. 

Current members of the board include:

Parent Representatives:

Bevan Cole

Dean Criddle

Joanna Harris

Taya Hill

Jennifer Jones

Jo Newman

Katie Tyrrell

Community Representative:

Kathryn Perin


Lauren Abbott

Vicky Mcdonald

Kerryn Middleton

Hayden O'Mara 

Steven Watts