Parents - P&C

The purpose of the P&C is to promote the interests of the school through cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community.  P&C's are recognised in WA law as being able to assist in the provision of rescources, facilities and amenities for the school and foster community interest in educational matters.

The Parents & Citizens of Manning Primary School meet two times per term on a Monday night.  Meetings are held at the school in the Staff room and start at 7.30pm. These Meetings run for approximately 90 minutes with tea and coffee provided. The meetings are a great opportunity to find out more about what is happening at the school and its future plans and support requirements.

As a member of the P & C you will become familiar with School programs, events and support the efforts of parents, staff and community.  Members raise funds for school projects and resources.

Our P & C strongly support the schools efforts to ensure your child's learning environment and classroom are comfortable and safe not only for your children but staff too.  Come along to the next P&C meeting and have some valuable input into the school.

If you can not make it on Monday night to the Meetings, perhaps you could consider working as a volunteer in the school Canteen or Uniform Shop.   

Please consider joining the P&C and getting involved in Manning Primary School.  It is also a great chance to meet and socialise with other parents and staff members.

Election of Office Bearers 

The following people were elected as office bearers for 2021:

President: Frea White 

Vice-President: Erin Heath 

Treasurer: Lisa Waters

Secretary: Siobhan Walsh 

Executive Committee: Bevan Cole, Jarrad Eaton, Justine Lane, Sarah Doncon, Melissa Bromly, Cindy Bateman, Amanda McDonald 

Sub Committees

Canteen: Wendy Spunner, Sarah Doncon, Leonie Donovan, Lisa Waters 

Fathering Project (Mann Club): Bevan Cole, Jarrad Eaton

Grounds: Natalie Wagland

Bushland: Melissa Bromly, Angela Carr, Bill Carr, Warwick Boardman, Joan Boardman